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UK: British Museum to open new Islamic culture gallery
LONDON, UK - JUNE 22 : Isnik basin, 1545-1550 (circa), Ottoman dynasty, Iznik, Turkey. Made of cobalt, green, turquoise painted and glazed ceramic, pottery. Decorated with composite lotuses and saz leaves, bands of tulips on exterior, lobed medallions, double prunus stems, roundel, flowers. Some of the most eye-dazzling treasures from the Ottoman era will open for visitors at the world-famous British Museum in October. In a major re-display, The Albukhary Foundation Gallery of the Islamic World will exhibit “world-class Islamic collection”, which will include very fine Turkish arts from the Ottoman era as well as from a vast Islamic geography. ( Courtesy of British Museum/Handout - Anadolu Agency )
23.06.2018 Courtesy of British Museum/Handout
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