Editorial Guidelines

Anadolu Agency has established broadcasting principles regarding coverage of terrorist attacks, acts of violence and natural disasters.

Anadolu Agency;

  1. Acts responsibly in covering terrorism, acts of violence and natural disasters bearing in mind the public interest in full and accurate reporting, universal human rights, national security and public order.
  2. Refuses to publish stories or visual material that will be deemed discriminatory on the basis of class, race, language, religion, gender, and region that will generate feelings of hostility among people and further incite them to violence and terror.
  3. Abstains from all sorts of reporting that will generate feelings of hatred, fear, chaos, hostility and panic among people.
  4. Takes great care about the quality and style of its stories that they do not encourage violence, spread fear, traumatise, damage the principles of equality and justice, degrade human dignity and foster discrimination.
  5. Covers stories of terrorism and acts of violence without exaggeration, based on reliable information and as far as is possible having them confirmed by authorised sources; and abides by the broadcast bans imposed by legal authorities.
  6. Tries not to report the names of those who lost their lives in accidents, disasters or acts of terror before their next of kin are informed.
  7. Accepts the sanctity of human life and avoids running pictures or video footage that will hurt the dignity of victims and cause further suffering to their families.
  8. Will respect - in covering wars, conflicts, terrorism and disasters - the privacy and dignity of the dead regardless of who they are.
  9. Avoids publishing graphic pictures and video of executions, killing of people.
  10. Does not transmit close-up shots of dead or wounded and mutilated bodies, limbs degrading human dignity and causing psychological distress in public.
  11. Avoids reporting that will directly or indirectly serve terrorist organizations; and accordingly does not use their rhetoric, language, jargon, images and symbols that will help their propaganda.
  12. Will not transmit sensational and shocking news and images captured by its staff in any natural disaster, violence or act of terror that would be damaging to public order and solidarity.