Here are the main topics Anadolu's English Desk plans to cover on Thursday, July 18, 2024 (coverage may change depending on developing/ breaking stories):


Israeli onslaught on Gaza

Humanitarian and military developments in the Gaza Strip, where Israel has killed nearly 38,800 Palestinians and injured thousands more since Oct. 7, 2023. The situation continues to worsen by the day amid attacks and minimal aid trickling in.

Gaza's Health Ministry issued a desperate appeal on Wednesday for electric generators to help salvage the ailing health care system in the besieged enclave.

Israeli authorities on Wednesday released 16 Palestinians, including a boy and an elderly woman, who were arrested in various areas of Gaza during the ground incursion that began on Oct. 27. According to an Anadolu correspondent, their bodies showed signs of torture.

Cease-fire talks between Israel and Hamas

Unfolding developments in the Gaza Strip regarding a potential cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday of impeding efforts to reach a prisoner swap deal with Hamas to avoid losing coalition members Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich.

According to Yedioth Ahronoth, Mossad chief David Barnea, Shin Bet head Ronan Bar, and army chief Herzi Halevi believe that "Israel would have difficulty reaching agreements under Netanyahu's new conditions."

West Bank raids

Israeli military raids on Palestinian cities and towns in the occupied West Bank have killed at least 576 people and injured 5,350 more, with nearly 9,700 taken into custody since last October.

Protests against Israeli government

Mounting protests in Israel to pressure Netanyahu's government to either negotiate a hostage-prisoner swap deal with Palestinian group Hamas or resign.

Israel-Hezbollah escalation

Continued border clashes between Israel and Hezbollah amid fears of a full-blown war.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah denied Wednesday any "finalized agreement" regarding the situation along Lebanon's border with Israel. He said his group may soon target towns in Israel that have not so far been subjected to its rocket attacks if the Israeli army “continues to strike civilians.”

Red Sea tension

Houthi attacks on commercial ships suspected of having links with Israel in the Red Sea, as well as US-led coalition airstrikes on the group's positions in Yemen.

Humanitarian and security situation in Sudan

Sudan's humanitarian and security situation is deteriorating as clashes between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces continue in various parts of the country.


European Political Community summit in Oxford, UK

UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer to host the 4th European Community Summit, which will be attended by leaders from the 27 EU member states as well as other European nations. King Charles III will host a reception for the European leaders.

Nationwide protests in France to urge Macron to respect poll results

France's CGT union is calling for nationwide protests following parliamentary elections in which the left-wing alliance Nouvelle Front Populaire (NFP) won the most seats. The CGT urges President Emmanuel Macron to respect the results and allow the NFP to form a government. The protests coincide with the National Assembly's first session after the elections.

WHO to publish Tobacco and Asthma Knowledge Summary

The World Health Organization expected to publish its Tobacco and Asthma Knowledge Summary.

European Parliament to continue first plenary since elections

The first plenary session following the June 6-9 elections continues with a vote on European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen's bid for a second term in December at 1pm CEST. She delivers a statement before the vote.


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman to hold weekly press briefing

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova will hold a briefing on current foreign policy issues. She will present assessments on pressing foreign policy issues and respond to reporters' questions.


Republican National Convention

Former President Donald Trump is expected to deliver an acceptance speech for the Republican’s nomination for the presidential election in November on the last day of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kamala Harris - North Carolina visit

US Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks at a campaign event in North Carolina. Her key remarks will be monitored as Biden has tested positive for COVID-19 and remains isolated.

UN event

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, representative of the US to the UN, to hold a press conference on the humanitarian situation in Sudan.


African Union holds an Executive Council meeting in Ghana

The African Union's 45th Ordinary Session of the Executive Council will meet in Accra, Ghana, to discuss and adopt the AU Budget for 2025. The budget is critical for carrying out the continental body's mandate, which includes the implementation of Agenda 2063 and flagship projects such as the Silencing of the Guns on the continent.

South Africa’s 7th parliament opens nearly two months after elections

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the opening joint session of the newly established two Houses of Parliament for the Seventh Administration. Ramaphosa's speech will outline the priorities and policies of his national unity government, which includes ministers and deputy ministers from various political parties. The event coincides with 30 years of democracy in the country.

World commemorates International Nelson Mandela Day

South Africans join millions of people across the world in remembering Nelson Mandela, the most revered global statesman, who would have turned 106 years old today. The United Nations designated July 18 to celebrate Mandela’s birthday and commemorate his service to humanity. Several events have been lined up to commemorate the day.

Protests demanding resignation of Kenyan president continue

Protests calling for President William Ruto's resignation over alleged poor governance continue, with a march planned to State House in Nairobi. Kenyans began protesting in late June in response to legislation proposing tax increases, but are now demanding Ruto's resignation despite his recent decision to fire 21 ministers and promise to form an inclusive Cabinet that will represent all Kenyans.


Indian Court to hear case regarding paper leak

The top Indian court is expected to rule in a case involving the leak of an entrance medical question paper on May 5, when over 2 million students sat for the examination. The exam results were announced on June 4, with 1.31 million candidates qualifying.

Situation fluid in Bangladesh amid protests against job quota system

Despite the government's announcement of a judicial probe, the situation in Bangladesh remains tense, with six people killed during violent protests against the quota system in the public jobs sector. While the government has closed all educational institutions, students across the country are observing a shutdown.

Pacific Island leaders summit concludes in Tokyo

Three-day Summit of leaders of Japan and Pacific Island nations concludes in Tokyo. The two sides are expected to issue a joint statement.

3rd plenary of Chinese ruling party concludes

Four-day policy-oriented third plenary of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) concludes in Beijing. The outcome of the plenary mostly gives general direction to the country, particularly its economy, for the next five years.


Japan's foreign trade figures

Japanese Finance Ministry to reveal foreign trade data for June. In May, Japan’s exports surged 13.5% year-on-year, the fastest pace since late 2022 with a boost from a weak yen and strong overseas demand. Its imports posted the largest annual growth in 16 months with 9.5%.

European car market data

ACEA to share Europe’s passenger car registrations for June. In May, the European passenger car market shrank 3% at an annualized pace, reversing from a strong hike in the prior month.

ECB interest rate decision

The European Central Bank (ECB) to announce interest rate decisions. The bank is projected to leave rates unchanged, after delivering a 25 basis points rate cut in its June meeting which is the first in five years.


Former UK minister accuses Conservatives of corruption after being cleared of antisemitism claims

By Aysu Bicer

London – Interview with Alan Duncan, a former UK minister who was cleared of antisemitism accusations leveled against him by his own Conservative party.

Duncan, a veteran Tory member, accuses the party of corruption and using fabricated claims in an attempt to silence him over his criticism of the previous Conservative government’s support to Israel and its ongoing war on Gaza.

He also reiterates his criticism of Israel’s “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians, warning that under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “Israel has become and will remain a rogue state.”

America needs ‘a president that stands up to warmongers’: Activist

By Diyar Guldogan

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Report about a pro-Palestine protest organized outside the Republican National Convention underway in the US city of Milwaukee.

The story is based on an interview with Medea Benjamin, an activist and co-founder of the women-led peace group CODEPINK, who speaks about the protesters’ demands and shares her views on US support for Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza.

Benjamin strongly criticizes both Democrats and Republicans for “always leading us into war” and pumping tax dollars into the military, while also denouncing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “war criminal” and condemning his scheduled July 24 visit to the US.

Critically endangered leopard population under ‘serious pressure’ in Pakistan

By Aamir Latif

Islamabad – Report about the leopard population in Pakistan and the growing threats to the animal, including conflict with humans, decreasing forest cover and illegal hunting.

The story illustrates the extent of the issue with data on the population of the critically endangered animal, and examples of major habitat losses and their impact.

It also sheds light on some conservation projects that have been launched to address the issue and includes interviews with experts including senior WWF Pakistan official Rab Nawaz and Rina Saeed, head of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board.


VIDEO – Interview with former UK minister Alan Duncan about the antisemitism accusations leveled against him by his own Conservative party, which were dropped after an internal investigation, where he slams the party for corruption and trying to intimidate him with fabricated claims.