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Asian envoys in Turkey greet Anadolu Agency on its centennial

Anadolu Agency marks 100th year of its news production and dissemination on April 6, 2020

Riyaz ul Khaliq   | 06.04.2020
Asian envoys in Turkey greet Anadolu Agency on its centennial


Envoys from Asian countries in Turkey extended their warm greetings to Anadolu Agency as it celebrates 100th year of its operations.

Wishing Turkey’s leading news agency success in its future operations, the underlying message of various letters addressing Senol Kazanci, director general of Anadolu Agency, focused on more collaboration among news agencies.

Envoys also appreciated the agency’s coverage of marginalized sections of the society who could rarely find space in the mainstream media.

Anadolu Agency was established on April 6, 1920 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, to carry the facts of the Turkish War of Independence to the world.

Ambassador Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi, Pakistan

Anadolu Agency has been at the forefront of “setting new journalistic standards” over the course of the past 100 years, said Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ankara Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi.

“Endowed with a rich history, and home to some of the most well-known names in the arena of journalism both in Turkey as well internationally, today, Anadolu Agency is a brand name synonymous with exceptional professionalism and unwavering commitment to upholding truth and neutrality,” Qazi told Anadolu Agency.

“Its universal outreach across all spectrums of the society, coverage of a wide range of issues as well as its appeal to a diverse group of audience in over a dozen languages has made it a household name the world over,” Qazi said.

He said it was a landmark “achievement attained by a few” in this highly challenging and competitive field, and spoke volumes about its rich professional cadre and the leadership.

“I hope and pray that like its glorious past, Anadolu Agency will continue to attain new heights in the days to come!” he added.

Charge d’Affairs Vanaja K. Thekkat, India

As India’s new envoy to Turkey is yet to assume his office, Charge d’Affairs Vanaja K. Thekkat in her message said Anadolu Agency has “distinguished itself in serving people by disseminating news not just to people in Turkey but also to those in other parts of the world.”

"India and Turkey have enjoyed extremely strong bonds and close people to people relations. it is well known that when people in India were fighting colonial subjugation under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi also took a stand against injustices on Turkey at the end of World War I and led the movement against all oppression," she said in a statement.

Thekkat added: “The strong historical bonds between India and Turkey are also evident from the fact that one of the founders of the Anadolu Agency was Abdur Rehman Peshawri, a member of medical team sent by [pre-1947] India in 1912 to treat the wounded soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. He stayed back to assist with the establishment of this great agency at the request of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.”

"The Government of India would like to extend its best wishes to the Anadolu Agency to continue to serve the people as it has done for the last hundred years," read the statement.

Ambassador Lalu Muhamad Iqbal, Indonesia

Indonesia’s Ambassador to Turkey Lalu Muhamad Iqbal said that Anadolu Agency achieved a rare distinction of reaching its 100th year of operations.

“In a world full of noise created by media, Anadolu Agency has carved a special space for itself thanks to its unambiguous news production and dissemination,” Iqbal said.

“As the world is obviously moving into the Age of Asia, Anadolu Agency has proven its far-reaching vision by establishing in 2018 its full bureau in Jakarta, Indonesia, which caters to more than 265 million people.

“It is no doubt that through its bureau, Anadolu Agency will connect two continents, Asia and Europe, and two most vibrant economies, Indonesia and Turkey, with compelling, credible and responsible information and news,” he added.

The envoy hoped that the agency’s operations will “bring the already close emotional relations between our two peoples into an even stronger stage.”

“I look forward for more collaborations between Anadolu Agency and media houses in Indonesia to build capacities of the two sides,” he added.

Ambassador Phantipha Iamsudha Ekarohit, Thailand

Anadolu Agency has been able “to adapt and remain relevant” in the past century when the world has undoubtedly changed, Phantipha Iamsudha Ekarohit, Thailand’s ambassador to Turkey, said in her message.

“Anadolu Agency has always been able to adapt and remain relevant while retaining the trust of the readers through their insight, integrity and professionalism,” according to Ekarohit.

“I wish Anadolu Agency and everyone connected to it all the best on this historic milestone, as well as continued success for the years to come,” she noted.

Ambassador Hong-Ghi Choi, South Korea

Anadolu Agency “is the voice of the Turkish media, and therefore the Turkish public”, said South Korea’s Ambassador in Ankara Hong-Ghi Choi in his message to Kazanci.

“With 100 years of knowledge and experience, success in using advanced technology and not compromising the principles of journalism, Anadolu Agency effectively transmits Turkey's voice to the world,” he acknowledged.

Appreciating the agency’ support for the South Korean Embassy in Ankara, Choi said that Anadolu Agency and South Korea’s YONHAP News Agency continue to cooperate with each other.

“On this auspicious occasion, I wish the persistence and development of our cooperation. I congratulate Anadolu Agency employees who have previously contributed to the agency and still continue to serve with the principles of the objectivity and timely information, and wish their continued success in the future,” he said.

Ambassador Jonathan Tow, Singapore

Expressing his “warmest congratulations” to Anadolu Agency, Ambassador Jonathan Tow of Singapore said that Anadolu Agency has over the years “stood the test of time as a witness to key events in the society and country for its readers.”

“Heading into your next hundred years, I believe that Anadolu Agency has an important role to play in providing a high standard of reliable reporting to inform the public and international community of developments in Turkey,” Ambassador Tow said. “May I wish Anadolu Agency many more years of success!”

Ambassador M. Rizvi Hassen, Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Ambassador to Turkey M. Rizvi Hassen also expressed his "sincere best wishes and congratulations to the Turkey’s main and major news outlet Anadolu Agency which celebrates 100 years of its establishment."

"It is an uphill venture for a news agency to continue a journey for a hundred years and continue to be in the news reporting without interruption in this modern era of complex world. We witnessed Anadolu Agency was giving accurate and factual situation wherever its journalists in, perhaps with trying and dangerous condition. Anadolu Agency of Turkey has put Turkey into the world map of international news reporting and all the credit should go to the reporters, news editors, editors, photo journalists, administrative managements and the Heads of the agency who have served and serving now for courageously stood by difficult times and gave good advises to the staff to maintain professionalism and good discipline in its news reporting," Hassen said.

"The greatness of Anadolu Agency is that, not only it covered politics of the world or incidents, it was everywhere with all folks of lives around the world, reporting on cultures, sports, cinema, art, disaster, pandemics, wars and science and technology," he added in a congratulatory message to Kazanci.

"At this historical day, I will take this opportunity to thank and express my sincere appreciation on behalf of the Embassy for opportunity given to Sri Lanka to express true facts of situation happening in Sri Lanka and your reportage on Sri Lanka during our trouble times and to maintain cordial cooperation and understanding with the Embassy," said the ambassador.

"Anadolu Agency, the tower of Turkey, has fulfilled its social responsibility not only to Turkish citizens, perhaps to the world community and I wish sincerely this tower will continue to serve the people of Turkey and world community. Once again my warm greetings to you and your able staff for the celebration of 100 years of Anadolu Agency.

"Long live Anadolu Agency!" Rizvi said.

Yaser Tai-Hsiang Cheng, Representative at Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission in Ankara

Yaser Tai-Hsiang Cheng, the chief of Taiwan’s Economic and Cultural Mission in Ankara, termed centennial of Anadolu Agency a “meaningful milestone”.

“I am adamant that Anadolu Agency will not stop just here,” he emphasized.

“Founded even before the Republic of Turkey, Anadolu Agency has recorded every single phase of the republic’s development and grown alongside Turkey over the past century. During the War of Independence, Anadolu Agency was tasked by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with being the genuine voice of the Turkish people, and although almost unsung, it was indeed an integral part of the successful establishment of the republic,” Yaser said.

He said that Anadolu Agency journalism “not only continues to make the Turkish voice heard clearly around the globe but also sheds light upon those voices to which the rest of the world has failed to listen.”

“At an era where misinformation is floating around, Anadolu Agency’s unwavering persistence in the truth is truly admirable, which I believe is what has made it one of the most reliable news sources in the world,” Taiwan’s representative to Turkey said.

He said that in past few years, Taiwan and Turkey have developed partnerships in many fields “with journalism being an essential one of them.”

Taiwan’s Central News Agency in 2016 inked a memorandum of understanding with Anadolu Agency in Taipei, and “a lot of collaborations between the two state news outlets have commenced since then”, he said.

“The CNA-AA cooperation has helped the Taiwanese and Turkish societies better know each other in every aspect. As a result, the bilateral relations on culture, tourism and trade have been significantly boosted,” he added.

“We are really pleased with the sound working relationship that Anadolu Agency has with my mission and CNA at present. Again, please accept my heartfelt congratulations on the 100th anniversary and best wishes on another century of landmark success,” the Taiwanese envoy said.

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