Turkish Police Department's 'ATAK' helicopters

Turkish Police Department's 'ATAK' helicopters

ANKARA, TURKEY - APRIL 05: Turkey's first female attack helicopter pilot Ozge Karabulut is seen on April 05, 2021 in Ankara, Turkey. The Turkish Police Department gain more strength in the fight against crime and criminals, especially terrorism, with the Atak helicopter included in its inventory. Police aviation teams had the power to attack directly with helicopters in close combat with terrorists by owning attack class helicopters, which are not found in any police organization in the world. 28-year-old Deputy Pilot Commissioner Karabulut, working under the Police Aviation Department, passed into history as a Turkey's first female attack helicopter pilot with this success. ( Aytaç Ünal - Anadolu Agency )

European Taekwondo Championships in Sofia
Fotoğraf: Borislav Troshev

SOFIA, BULGARIA-APRIL 09: Zeliha Agris (L) of Turkey fight against Tatiana Minina (R) of Russia during the final match of single elimination tournament system at the European Taekwondo Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, 09 April 2021. ( Borislav Troshev - Anadolu Agency )

NEW DELHI, INDIA -APRIL 09, 2021 :18 year old Mizan a student of stand 10th sits in a Rohingya refugees camp in Delhi on Friday, 9th April 2021, came to India in 2011. She misses and Mayanmar but fear to return as so m ny people were killed thier even chi
Fotoğraf: Imtiyaz Khan

NEW DELHI, INDIA - APRIL 09 :18-year-old Mizan, a student, speaks during an interview at a Rohingya refugee settlement in Delhi, India on April 09, 2021. Mizan came to India in 2011. She says she missed Myanmar but she fear to return there. She added so many people were killed there even children were burnt to death. She says she couldn't study there or she even step out of her house. About the recent supreme court order of deporting Rohingya refugees, she says as we are not resident of India so we should not expect from Indian Government. We will go back on our own when there is peace in Myanmar. ( Imtiyaz Khan - Anadolu Agency )

Seven militants killed in Kashmir gun-battles
Fotoğraf: Faisal Khan

SHOPIAN, KASHMIR, INDIA-APRIL 09: A boy jumps from the damaged window of a mosque where according to police militants were hiding during the gun-battle in south Kashmir's Shopian on April 09, 2021. Five militants were killed by forces who according to police were holed up inside a local mosque in Jan Mohalla area of Shopian. In another gun-battle two more militants were killed by government forces in Tral area of south Kashmir including chief of militant outfit Ansar Ghazwat-ul Hind, police said. ( Faisal Khan - Anadolu Agency )

Tributes left for Britain's Prince Philip outside Buckingham Palace
Fotoğraf: David Cliff

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 09: A British flag flies at half-mast, in tribute to Britain's Prince Philip, from the roof of Buckingham Palace in London, United Kingdom on April 09, 2021. Buckingham Palace announced today that 99-year-old Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, died this morning. ( David Cliff - Anadolu Agency )

Palestinians' protest against Jewish settlements in West Bank
Fotoğraf: Nedal Eshtayah

NABLUS, WEST BANK - APRIL 09: Israeli security forces intervene Palestinians during a protest against Jewish settlements in Beit Dajan, east of Nablus in the occupied West Bank on April 09, 2021. ( Nedal Eshtayah - Anadolu Agency )

Friday Prayer at Masjid Al-Aqsa ​​​​​​​
Fotoğraf: Mostafa Alkharouf

JERUSALEM - APRIL 9: Muslims in Jerusalem perform the Friday prayer at Masjid al-Aqsa Complex in Jerusalem on April 9, 2021. ( Mostafa Alkharouf - Anadolu Agency )

Masterpieces of Sinan the architect in Istanbul
Fotoğraf: İslam Yakut

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - APRIL 6: A drone photo shows an aerial view of Suleymaniye Mosque, which was opened on 15th Oct. 1557, has been preserving its magnificence for 464 years, in Istanbul, Turkey on Aprl 6, 2021. The Suleymaniye Mosque, Ottoman imperial mosque, located on the third Hill of Istanbul and it was commissioned by Suleiman the Magnificent and designed by the imperial architect Mimar Sinan. ( İslam Yakut - Anadolu Agency )

Coronavirus lockdown in Karachi
Fotoğraf: Sabir Mazhar

KARACHI, PAKISTAN-APRIL 09: Workers sweeps inside mosque following new restrictions to contain the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, in Karachi on April 09, 2021. ( Sabir Mazhar - Anadolu Agency )

Turns the wastes into artworks
Fotoğraf: Evrim Aydın

ANKARA, TURKEY - APRIL 06: Artworks made by Turkish artist Ugur Caliskan, one of the executers of the 'Post Apocalyptic Art Movement" which draws great attention in science fiction cinema and literature in recent years, in Turkey are seen at his workplace in Ankara, Turkey on April 06, 2021. Caliskan turns the waste materials he collects such as stone, glass, bone and metal into works of art. ( Evrim Aydın - Anadolu Agency )

Weightlifting European Championships 2021 in Moscow
Fotoğraf: Sefa Karacan

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - APRIL 05: Muhammed Ozbek of Turkey is seen with the Turkish flag and a gold medal after competing in the men's 67 kg final within the Weightlifting European Championships 2021 in Moscow, Russia on April 05, 2021. ( Sefa Karacan - Anadolu Agency )

Turkish Police Department's 'ATAK' helicopters 11

People enjoy at Central Park on Easter day in NYC
Fotoğraf: Tayfun Coşkun

NEW YORK, USA - APRIL 04: People enjoy at the Central Park of Manhattan on Easter day in New York City, United States on April 4, 2021. ( Tayfun Coşkun - Anadolu Agency )

Mauritanian children receive Quran from Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs
Fotoğraf: Ömer Ürer

BRAKNA, MAURITANIA - APRIL 04: Mauritanian children receive Quran from the members of Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB) in Brakna, Mauritania on April 04, 2021. 10 thousand Qurans were distributed to children studying under difficult conditions in Mauritania, which were provided within the campaign "My present be Quran", led by Germany representative for Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB) and cooperated by Directorate of Religious Affairs and Turkey Religious Affairs Foundation (TDV). ( Ömer Ürer - Anadolu Agency )

Protest in Myanmar
Fotoğraf: Stringer

YANGON, MYANMAR - APRIL 04: People, with their masks, stage a demonstration to protest against military coup in Yangon, Myanmar on April 04, 2021. ( Stringer - Anadolu Agency )

Turkish Red Crescent resettles Syrian families in briquette houses in Idlib
Fotoğraf: Muhammed Said

IDLIB, SYRIA - APRIL 03: Syrian families are being resettled into briquette houses built by Turkish Red Crescent as 784 houses being handed over to Syrian people while construction of 1,290 houses completed in the first stage, total of 5 thousands briquette house project in Mashhad Ruhin neighbourhood of Sarmada district in Idlib, Syria on April 03, 2021. ( Muhammed Said - Anadolu Agency )

Demonstration in support of Palestinians on the 45th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day in Tunisia
Fotoğraf: Yassine Gaidi

TUNIS, TUNISIA - APRIL 03: People gather to stage a demonstration in support of Palestinians on the 45th anniversary of Palestinian Land Day at Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis, Tunisia on April 03, 2021. ( Yassine Gaidi - Anadolu Agency )

"Izmir loves Dario Moreno" mural completed on 100th birthday of Moreno
Fotoğraf: Mehmet Emin Mengüarslan

IZMIR, TURKEY - APRIL 03: 36 year-old Aksel Mengu completes a mural of guitarist, pianist and actor Dario Moreno, who spent his childhood and youth in Izmir and known for his love for Izmir, on Moreno's 100th birthday at Dario Moreno street in Konak district of Izmir, Turkey on April 03, 2021. ( Mehmet Emin Mengüarslan - Anadolu Agency )

Weightlifting European Championships 2021 in Moscow
Fotoğraf: Sefa Karacan

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - APRIL 3: Laura Liukkonen of Finland competes in the 55 kg in women's qualifying competition within the Weightlifting European Championships 2021 in Moscow, Russia on April 3, 2021 ( Sefa Karacan - Anadolu Agency )

Teacher studied "Laborant and Veterinary Health Program" for her adopted cats and dogs
Fotoğraf: Halil Fidan

IZMIR, TURKEY - APRIL 03: A physics teacher Ulku Ercan Sariciftcioglu, holds her adopted orphaned kittens fostered by her 8 year-old Yorkshire dog "Lady" as she studied two-year open education faculty "Laborant and Veterinary Health Program" for her 7 dogs and 11 cats she adopted for a better care in Guzelbahce district in Izmir, Turkey on April 03, 2021. ( Halil Fidan - Anadolu Agency )

Coronavirus lockdown in Karachi
Fotoğraf: Sabir Mazhar

KARACHI, PAKISTAN-APRIL 09: A view of closed shops at a market after a government announced to lockdown the city concerns over the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), in Karachi on April 09, 2021. ( Sabir Mazhar - Anadolu Agency )

 Giant wooden sculptures in Belgium
Fotoğraf: Dursun Aydemir

BOOM, BELGIUM - APRIL 9: Giant wooden sculptures crafted by recycling artist Thomas Dambo are seen in De Schorre park in Boom, Belgium on April 9, 2021. Using old pallets, recycled wood, broken branches and fallen trees, Dambo builds the wooden sculptures to celebrate the 15th anniversary of an electronic music festival. The sculptures range from 7 to 18 meters long and it took around 25 weeks to build them. The various wooden figures can be found dotted throughout the forest in Boom town. ( Dursun Aydemir - Anadolu Agency )

Migrants cross into Texas from Mexican border
Fotoğraf: Tayfun Coşkun

ROMA, TEXAS, USA - APRIL 8: Hundreds of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador arrives in the U.S. after crossing the Rio Grande river from Mexico aboard, in Roma, Texas, United States on April 8, 2021. The number of migrants crossing into the United States in March jumped to highest level in 15 years, with more than 171,000 migrants. ( Tayfun Coşkun - Anadolu Agency )


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