Ethics Commission

Ethics Committee Members:

Ethics Commission President, Şerife Gül ÖZDEMİR ARIMAN (Lawyer)

Ethics Commission member, Ertuğrul CİNGİL (America News Editor)

Ethics Commission member, Erdem ERDEMLİOĞLU (Human Resources Director)

Duties of the Ethics Commission;

Create an ethical culture at Anadolu Agency and work to generalize and sovereign it.  

Prepare and plan activities for employees, to adopt ethical behavior principles in their working life.

Identify all problems in Anadolu Agency that may be related to ethics and find solutions.

Increase Anadolu Agency’s prestige and promote the credibility of the agency in the community with its ethics culture.

Our Ethics of Principles;

a) Integrity

Anadolu Agency will adhere to the principles of integrity in every relation with individuals, institutions and organizations.

b) Impartiality

Anadolu Agency is impartial and does not discriminate or prejudice any employee or customer. It offers equal services to all.

c) Reliability

Anadolu Agency provides clear and accurate information in all its services and activities.

Anadolu Agency trusts all its employees and customers within the framework of mutual trust.

Anadolu Agency performs its obligations timely and completely to its customers and employees.

d) Transparency

Anadolu Agency provides clear information on its services and products to all customers, including about the benefits and risks.

e) Observing Social Benefits

Anadolu Agency strives to fulfill all its responsibilities regarding observance of social benefits before its profit in all its activities.