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Anadolu Agency celebrates its 99th anniversary

Delegation lays wreath at mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founding father of Turkish Republic

Erdoğan Çağatay Zontur   | 06.04.2019
Anadolu Agency celebrates its 99th anniversary Anadolu Agency Chairman and Director General Senol Kazanci


A delegation from Anadolu Agency on Saturday laid a wreath at Anitkabir, the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, as it celebrated its 99th anniversary.

“Great Leader Ataturk! Anadolu Agency, which was established to announce the true voice of the War of Independence to Anatolia and all over the world, is now 99 years old.

“On the twilight of completing a century, our agency has accomplished its mission of becoming not only the voice of Turkey, but all oppressed world," Senol Kazanci, the agency’s director-general, wrote in the book of commemoration at the mausoleum.

He added that the agency will continue to carry out credible journalism, a precedent set in its initial days, until the end of times.

In a written statement, Kazanci also congratulated the agency’s employees.

“We congratulate all of our employees who have contributed to this process with the hope and belief that we can achieve even greater successes in the future together.

“As the main source of news for the Turkish media, Anadolu Agency has become an international structure with operations in nearly 100 countries around the world and became an essential source of the world media,” he said. 

History of Anadolu Agency

The history of Anadolu Agency is almost identical to that of the Republic of Turkey. Having been founded on April 6, 1920, 17 days before the Turkish Grand National Assembly convened first time, Anadolu Agency helped announce the first legislation by the Assembly that established the Republic. Anadolu Agency witnessed all stages of the National Struggle, the War of Liberation and reforms of the Republic.

After Istanbul came under occupation on March 16, 1920 and the Ottoman parliament was annulled, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk called on all provinces to hold elections for a new parliament to be established in Ankara. Several intellectuals, who realized that they could not stay in Istanbul any longer, tried to join the National Struggle. This development paved the way for foundation of Anadolu Agency.

Those intellectuals leaving Istanbul went to Ankara in two convoys. The journalist Yunus Nadi (Abalioglu) and the writer Halide Edip (Adivar) met in Geyve on March 31. During their meeting at the train station, they decided that it was necessary to found "an agency organization" in Ankara as soon as possible. They agreed to name the agency as "Anadolu Agency".

It was proposed to establish Anadolu Agency at the "School of Agriculture" which also housed Ataturk's headquarters. On April 6, 1920, Anadolu Agency was founded.

Anadolu Agency carried out a difficult task during the War of Liberation. During the war, it informed the people of the country who did not know what was going on in the rest of the world. Anadolu Agency also struggled against submissive attitude of some foreign and Turkish newspapers in Istanbul. The newly founded agency also had to defend the National Struggle in the world, inform the world public opinion on Turkey's rightful demands and act carefully against tricks of some circles.

After Ataturk assigned some of his closest friends to turn the Anadolu Agency into a western news agency, Anadolu Agency Corporation was established on March 1, 1925. Anadolu Agency acquired an autonomous status with an unexampled organizational chart even in the western countries in those days.   

Anadolu Agency today 

Regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious news agencies, Anadolu Agency currently produces news in 13 languages and serves 6,000 subscribers in 93 countries, with at least 3,000 employees stationed in 100 countries.

Anadolu Agency on average publishes 1,600 stories, 2,300 photos, six infographics, 400 videos and airs 15 live broadcasts daily.

The agency has been striving to be among the most effective news agencies as it approaches its centenary, which will be celebrated in April 2020.

It currently produces news in Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, French, Spanish, Kurdish/Kurmanji, Kurdish/Sorani, Persian, Indonesian, Bosnian, Albanian and Macedonian.

The agency has a unique standing in the world with its news and powerful visuals broadcast from the most compelling regions of the world.

Turkish newspapers publish 63 percent of the photos and 40 percent of the stories produced by Anadolu Agency. In addition, Turkish news websites feature 89 percent of Anadolu Agency’s special reports.

The agency has 41 offices worldwide and representative offices in 100 countries. Its social media accounts are followed by 9 million people.

Anadolu Agency maintains the "master/apprentice doctrine", which is increasingly being put aside in the journalistic profession. The doctrine has been revived through practical training at the Anadolu Agency News Academy founded in 2011.

Providing training in many fields -- including war journalism -- Anadolu Agency also guides beginners with its fundamental guide for reporters and handbook for war journalism.

*Writing and Contribution by Erdogan Cagatay Zontur

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