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Close teamwork keeps Anadolu Agency on cutting edge

Reporters and editors share their experiences from working with Anadolu Agency on eve of its 100th anniversary

Syed Iftikhar   | 06.04.2020
Close teamwork keeps Anadolu Agency on cutting edge


For a media organization, an alert reporter on the ground and a skilled editor at the desk are both necessary for its primary function, namely gathering and disseminating news with speed, accuracy, and credibility.

Founded on April 6, 1920, Turkey’s global media source Anadolu Agency has carved a niche among major news gathering outlets.

Currently, Anadolu Agency has 41 offices across the globe, with 1,600 freelancers and representatives scattered over 100 countries engaged in news gathering round the clock. The agency itself presents a portrait of a global village, with nationals of 124 countries on its payroll.

The agency’s English Department alone boats a network of 77 reporters/freelancers spread across 49 countries. The backbone of its operations, reporters/freelancers across the globe, shared their reflections and experiences from working with Anadolu Agency on the eve of its completing 100 years of news gathering and dissemination.

New challenges

"It has been great working at Anadolu Agency. I have enjoyed taking on new challenges, meeting new and interesting people and learning things about Turkish culture. I am looking forward to helping the agency become the world's number one source for news."

- George Bernard, English-language editor, Washington, D.C.

"At a time when the world’s attention is split among various news outlets, Anadolu Agency’s focus has always been invaluable in bringing understanding of global issues by cutting to the chaste. Whether it’s President Erdogan courageously standing up to the UN Security Council with his mantra The world is bigger than five, or highlighting the plight facing the Rohingya, Palestinians or Uighurs."

- Corey Blackman, English-language editor, Washington, D.C.

"Representing the agency as its correspondent in Washington for the past seven years has allowed me to grow professionally as I cover political, social, economic and foreign policy developments. Some highlights of my reporting during the period included covering social unrest in Baltimore and Ferguson after the deaths of young black men, as well as in-depth features that took me to the mountains of West Virginia, makeshift medical camps and the less-seen businesses and people of Detroit. These experiences have allowed me to become a rounded, versatile reporter who brings the latest U.S. developments to the attention of an international audience."

- Michael Hernandez, staff reporter, Washington, U.S.

"Congratulations to Anadolu Agency for completing 100 years of its news operations. I have been reporting on Canada for the agency for over several years. I have found everyone polite with an intuitive nose for the newsworthy subjects. They also work closely with the writer and are careful about facts."

- Barry Ellsworth, freelance reporter, Trenton, Canada

Highlighting the underreported

"Journalism, surely, is one of the most satisfactory professions in today’s world as you always have the options of going with the flow or reporting the unreported. Working with an excellent team to cover Europe news, I am extremely content to be able to highlight underreported stories, as well as witnessing historic moments of past seven years in the continent with Anadolu Agency’s unique approach to news. Having a tradition to give voice to the oppressed and the aggrieved, the agency has always given me all the intellectual tools for accurate, just and fair journalism. I am proud to be contributing to the recorded history of the planet during such challenging times to humanity."

- Ahmet Gurhan Kartal, senior staff correspondent, London

"I appreciate Anadolu Agency’s approach to focus on covering underprivileged communities. The agency covers not only top government functionaries but also indigenous communities in rural regions. I appreciate the freedom the agency gives to its freelancers."

- Sierra Juanez, freelance reporter, Mexico City, Mexico

"For five years, I have been covering Spain for Anadolu Agency. The agency’s Europe team has become a leader in covering the continent. I am very proud of the work this team has done. In my experience, Anadolu’s English service has always encouraged objective and independent coverage of Europe and it has been a great pleasure to work with all the editors."

- Alyssa McMurtry, freelance reporter, Madrid, Spain

"I have appreciated the rigorous approach of Anadolu Agency to news coverage and the sound expertise of its top editors. It has been a pleasure to work with them, aiming at ensuring timely and complete coverage of Italian and world news. In such trying times, amid a pandemic that is dramatically changing our lives and work habits, I believe that Anadolu Agency is proving a reliable source of both real-time and in-depth news for its wide international audience."

- Giada Zampano, freelance reporter, Rome, Italy

“From the Kabul bureau, our impeccable fact-checking and verification mechanisms and carefully outlined editorial guidelines result in a steady flow of news reports from this war zone in all classic as well as modern multimedia formats for the outside world."

- Shadi Khan Saif, freelance reporter, Kabul, Afghanistan


“From fact-checking to data journalism, Anadolu Agency has the most hard-working team. With the best professionals, they work to keep the masses updated round the clock.”

- Kiran Butt, freelance reporter, Lahore, Pakistan

"I had the opportunity and was fortunate enough to become part of the Anadolu Agency team. I can safely say that my past three years of association with Anadolu Agency have been enchanting, full of adventures, and captivating."

- Islamudin Sajid, reporter, Islamabad, Pakistan

"One major difference I find between Anadolu Agency and other global wire services is the element of positivity. Anadolu Agency does not promote negativity or sensationalism by using the shoulders of so-called sources."

- Aamir Latif, reporter, Karachi, Pakistan

"With just over two months now with Anadolu Agency, the experience has been good so far, considering that I have worked with some other international media/agencies as well. The agency is a well-known name internationally, and thus, I have had opportunities to interview some highly influential people. It is an exciting job for an independent journalist."

- Cheena Kapoor, freelance photojournalist, New Delhi, India

"During the time I have worked with Anadolu Agency, I have come to appreciate the fact that like few other media outlets in the world, it values foreign affairs enough to invest to promote quality journalism in a convulsed region like Latin America. Editors in Anadolu Agency have given me the opportunity to pitch ideas with no editorial constraints. On the contrary, the editorial direction has always been doing accurate, trustworthy, and fair journalism that stimulates public debate. Editors know better than to try to change the journalist’s voice or style, but they will truly strive to guide reporters through our work, encouraging us to bring a fresh perspective and identify the missing pieces of a story and a safe space to be creative. Day to day work is always different and never boring."

- Laura Gamba, freelance journalist, Bogota, Colombia

"It has been a very good experience to work with one of the best media platforms – Anadolu Agency. It feels like being at home.”

- Nusrat Sidiq, freelance reporter, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

"I am grateful to Anadolu Agency for providing me a platform to tell the stories of the Himalayan nation of Nepal."

- Deepak Adhikari, freelance reporter, Kathmandu, Nepal

"Anadolu Agency has worked hard for a century winning the trust and loyalty of its audience. It deserves to be one of the top three news agencies."

- Kyaw Lynn, freelance reporter, Yangon, Myanmar

Multinational team

"I feel proud to be a part of this international platform that has already gained a strong position globally as a voice of the oppressed."

- Md. Kamruzzaman, freelance reporter, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"100 years of uninterrupted service is no easy task, and it has successfully happened thanks to the dedication of Anadolu Agency employees and management. I hope the agency lives long and serves humanity and speaks truth with no bias or prejudice."

- SM Najmus Sakib, freelance reporter, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Working for Anadolu Agency has been quite an experience. One of the best things about the agency is that it has employed professionals from different parts of the world which contributes to gaining an ample amount of exposure and learning about different cultures, values, and ethics."

- Monis Bin Ali, English-language editor, Ankara, Turkey

"During my past three years of association with Anadolu Agency as an editor on the English desk, the most fulfilling part of my job is how the agency always endeavors to lend a voice to those who are seldom heard in the global media. To work for such an organization is always a privilege."

- Sidrah Gufran Roghay, English-language editor, Ankara, Turkey

"I am very happy to work with Anadolu Agency. I believe that the excitement, speed, accuracy, and teamwork principles I have seen in Anadolu Agency have taken me one step further in professional journalism."

- Sorwar Alam, chief staff correspondent, Ankara, Turkey

"Anadolu Agency has been a very professional foundation since its establishment. I believe it is innovative and creative when it comes to observing the issues around the world from its perspective. The best bit of the agency is working with people from different parts of the world. It brings a certain kind of international culture to the workplace, and one feels lucky to be a part of it."

- Dilara Hamit, junior staff reporter, Ankara, Turkey

Serving justice worldwide

"As someone whose only dream is becoming a journalist, for me, working at Anadolu Agency means that my dreams have come true. Anadolu Agency is a school that has been pioneering and influential in reporting at universities, on the street, and in the media.”

- Burak Bir, junior staff reporter, Ankara, Turkey

"After experiencing journalism at other media outlets, Anadolu Agency has certainly been a breakthrough for my career. With its highly professional, innovative, accurate and trustworthy journalism, Anadolu Agency will continue to strive for further success. I look forward to continue contributing to the agency’s success along with my hard-working co-workers at the headquarters and across the world."

- Merve Aydogan, staff reporter, Ankara, Turkey.

"The special place of Anadolu Agency in international media is its coverage of marginalized and those neglected by so-called mainstream media. Voiceless people see the agency as their own voice, strengthening this aspect. Anadolu is evolving as antithesis to imperialist, colonialist-controlled media."

- Riyaz ul Khaliq, staff reporter, Ankara, Turkey

"Working for an ethical and credible news agency that does not view information as a commodity has been a blessing to me for over a year. Anadolu Agency considers news not as an institution of power, manipulation or social control, but rather a means of bettering the societies we live in, delivering the stories of the most vulnerable, and helping justice served globally. Our coverage may not be loved or even liked by some, but it surely is followed by trust and respect."

- Vakkas Dogantekin, chief staff correspondent, Ankara, Turkey

"Reaching a century-long height is only possible through the dedication and an unquenchable thirst for success. Giant congratulations to Anadolu Agency on this special day! It is a blessing to be a part of an organization which with all its efforts and contributions conveys the truth to many regions around the globe. May the agency continue its 100-year journey of success with pride!"

- Jeyhun Aliyev, staff reporter, Ankara, Turkey

"We are living in a world where the voice of the oppressed is scarcely heard. I can’t think of a nobler mission than being a voice for voiceless peoples across the globe. What makes Anadolu Agency a distinguished news platform is the plethora of daily news covering the Gaza, Syria, Kashmir, Yemen, and Rohingya issues. Thanks, Anadolu Agency."

- Ali Abo Rezeg, chief staff correspondent, Ankara, Turkey

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