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Youtube's Turkish version goes into service

01 October 2012 15:10 (Last updated 01 October 2012 15:12)

A senior executive with Youtube, Matthew Glotzbach, on Monday said that their international video share site's Turkish version went into service today with an extension "com.tr".

Holding a video conference at Google's Istanbul office on Monday, Glotzbach said that he was very excited to see that Youtube's Turkish version went into service after a preparation of 3-4 years.

"Youtube's Turkish version is not just about a translation. The users will see a main page that carries traits pertaining to Turkey," Glotzbach stressed.
The users will have an access to the Turkish version of Youtube by visiting " youtube.com.tr".
Youtube was established in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006. Around 800 million internet users enterYoutube and watch over 4 billion videos per month. 72 videos get placed on Youtube every minute.