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Turkish trucks burned in Syria

20 July 2012 18:54 (Last updated 20 July 2012 18:59)

Several Turkish trucks were burned in a region close to the Babel-Hawa Border Gate in Syria.


Sources told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that a number of Turkish trucks, carrying goods to Syria, found themselves in the middle of fierce clashes after entering Syria via the Cilvegozu Border Gate at the Turkish-Syrian border on Friday.
Sources underlined that while some of the Turkish trucks were burned, others were highjacked.
Turkish drivers who were able to return to Turkey left the questions of journalists unanswered.
Officials have told the AA that they did not know exactly how many Turkish trucks were burned in Syria on Friday.
Efforts are underway to bring the burned Turkish trucks back to Turkey from Syria.
Meanwhile, the Cilvegozu Border Gate in Turkey seems to be very silent and motor vehicles as well as individuals can not enter Syria from the border gate due to fierce clashes in Syria.