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We reject all views making Jordan an alternative country for Palestinians

02 July 2012 17:32

Hamas's political bureau head Khaled Meshal on Monday said that it was out of question for them to reopen their offices in Jordan.


Meshal reacted fiercely to all views trying to make Jordan an alternative country for Palestinians.
Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), Meshal said that "in a meeting with King Abdallah II of Jordan a few days ago, I told the King that our relations did not have a single dimension and could not be measured with the presence or lack of presence of our offices in Jordan".
For now, it is out of question for us to reopen our offices in Jordan. Our aim now is to establish strong relations based on understanding and helping each other. We aim to work for Palestine, Jordan and ummah in common areas and to protect the interests of all those involved while dealing with regional matters, Meshal noted.
The talks between the Hamas delegation and King Abdallah II were encouraging. We want the talks to be crowned by a strong relationship that would serve the interests of both sides, Meshal stated.
We pay high attention to Jordan's stability and security. We reject the propaganda of zionist forces that argue that Jordan was an alternative country for the Palestinians, Meshal indicated.
Meshal arrived in Jordan last week where he met King Abdallah II as well as the Prime Minister Fayez al-Tarawneh, and the Jordanian intelligence chief.
Meshal continues to hold talks in Jordan.
Hamas executives had left Jordan in 1999 after a request made by the Jordanian administration.

Reporting by Ali Semerci