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FSA to hold dialogue with Syrian regime

25 February 2013 22:26 (Last updated 25 February 2013 22:30)

Assad must resign, said Free Syrian Army


The Free Syrian Army (FSA) on Monday responded to a statement made by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mualem, who stressed they were ready for "dialogue" with armed Syrian opposition, by putting forward several conditions.

A Spokesperson for the FSA, Abdulhamid Zekeria stated that they discussed throughout the day a possibility for dialogue with the Assad regime and came up with eight conditions to realize the dialogue.
In an exclusive interview with the Anadolu Agency (AA), Zekeria noted that it was the revolution who made them rather than vice versa.
At this point, we will not accept any offer that is not accepted by the people of Syria, Zekeria underlined.
We need to work on the terminology, Zekeria stated.
"Walid al-Mualem referred to us as 'armed gangs'. The regime has to describe itself as an 'armed gang'. Al-Mualem has to apologize and address us with correct terminology. Bashar al-Assad must himself express that they were ready for dialogue. He could say tomorrow that the foreign minister's statements do not bind him," Zekeria indicated.
"A dialogue may begin only after operations get ended. Bashar al-Assad and the commanders of various units must resign," Zekeria noted.
"A dialogue may take place under the supervision of the UN Security Council, Arab brethren and Turkey," Zekeria said.
"A time table must be set up for the dialogue and efforts must be made to conclude the talks as soon as possible," Zekeria stated.
"The dialogue must take place on 'freed Syrian territories'. A dialogue must aim to give the administration to the Syrian people," Zekeria also said.