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Host of latest Olympic Games supports Istanbul's bid

19 February 2013 13:52 (Last updated 19 February 2013 16:47)

British Minister for Sports and Tourism Robertson said, Istanbul has a very good chance to host 2020 olympics


British Minister for Sports and Tourism Hugh Robertson referred to the Mediterranean Games which will be held this June in Turkey's southern city of Mersin and said, it is an opportunity for Turkey to experience for the 2020 Olympic Games.

The Sport and Tourism Minister Robertson who was the Olympics Minister when London hosted the 2012 Summer Games spoke to Anadolu Agency and assessed the topics in the world sports agenda. 
About Istanbul's 2020 Olympic Games candidacy, Robertson referred to the IOC's Buenos Aires meeting in September to come to a decision on many 'hosting of the event' topics and touched on the importance of the presentation which targets the members of International Olympics Committee (IOC), he said, "Istanbul has a very good chance indeed for 2020 Olympic Games. A lot of these things are decided on how you present your case to OIC members and the presentation you make on the day. It is about the work you put in now and when it happens in September and the presentation on the day."
British Minister Robertson drew attentions to two topics in order to host the major event and said, "You need two things to win. You need to convince them that you can make it work and then you have to have a vision for why it should come to you and if you get those two things right, you have a lot of it."
He stressed that transport would be the first and main issue to pay attention and added, "In order to solve problems, you have time until 2020. To run successful Olympics you need to remember three things; transport, transport and transport. You have to move athletes, officials, broadcasters and spectators around safely and efficiently. We faced that problem in London and we overcame it by investing very heavily on the transport system. We put in a new high speed rail link between central London and the Olympic site. We did about $4 billion worth improvement in London underground and public transport."
Robertson assessed to AA this year's Mediterranean Games which will be held in Mersin city in June and noted, "I have no doubt at all that Turkey will be a huge success. Turkey has its enviable position between Europe and Asia. It is a powerful emerging market. Its precisely, sorts of place that label sports bodies will want to reach out to. So there are real reasons for being optimistic, hopeful and positive about everything that Turkey is doing in this area. The more practice you can get, the better. So it will help to convince the IOC and will prepare you for 2020 Olympic Games."

-Suggestion of taking Wrestling into Winter Olympics-

Hugh Robertson pointed out his view over the decision of the IOC's Executive Board on February 12 to remove wrestling from the program of the 2020 Olympic Games and said, "I think one the things that IOC 'might' look at is a sensible suggestion of Sunday Times newspaper that the Winter Olympics does not have be all about snow and ice."
He stressed that so some of the indoor sports can easily take place in winter games and added, "So that may be the way to accommodate some of the sports while not leaving out old traditional sports."

-Equipment of 2012 London games-

Robertson made clear the claims over the selling portable equipment to Rio for the 2016 Olympic Games which were used in 2012 London games and said, "I am the responsible minister for doing this. Quite a lot of the portable equipment were used actually by ourselves."
He gave examples such as saying that the shooting range was erected somewhere and the basketball venues were set up in several places in Britain and added, "We looked at it, some of the equipment, some of the seating may end up in Rio, but it's quite expensive to take it all and reassemble it, so it's often cheaper for Brazilians to build their own."

Turkish Sports Minister Kilic said, with support of British Minister Robertson, Turkey will carry out a better organization than London 2012

Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports Suat Kilic has stated, "We believe that with the support of British Minister for Sports and Tourism Hugh Robertson, we will carry out a better organization than London 2012."
Minister Kilic came together with British Minister for Sports and Tourism Hugh Robertson on Tuesday at his ministry in Ankara.
Kilic stated that the British minister shared his experiences of holding the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games with himself and added, "We witnessed such a precise organization during 2012 London Summer Games. We believe that with the support of British Minister for Sports and Tourism Hugh Robertson, we will carry out a better organization than London 2012."
British Minister Robertson added that Turkey was going through an exciting period of time in the name of sports and added that his delegation and he will give all their support for Turkey to reach its Olympics target.

British Minister for Sports and Tourism Robertson said, sensitively Istanbul was very strong

 British Minister for Sports and Tourism Hugh Robertson referred to Istanbul's 2020 Olympic Games candidacy and said Istanbul firstly needed to persuade at least 60 of the 105 International Olympics Committee (IOC) delegates.
Speaking at the opening of a seminar which was held in Sheraton Hotel in Ankara on Tuesday, he stated that Turkey-Britain relations have never been stronger.
Robertson added, the exciting 2020 olympics candidacy atmosphere continued in Turkey and said, "Various global activities are waiting for you. We try to help you."
About Istanbul's 2020 Olympic Games candidacy, Robertson said, there were two things needed to be done and noted, "60 IOC delegates out of 105 need to be persuaded. Sensitively, Istanbul is very strong."
He touched on the works of Turkish building contractors and said, "Building quality in Turkey is great. By using the experience of Britain, I believe that for Istanbul 2020, there will be gorgeous works coming out."