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Turkey's EU minister hopes bloodshed to be halted in Syria

23 July 2012 17:24 (Last updated 23 July 2012 17:29)

Bagis said Turkey hoped the ongoing bloodshed would be halted and no more lives would be sacrificed in Syria.


The Turkish minister for EU affairs has said Turkey hoped the ongoing bloodshed would be halted and no more lives would be sacrificed in Syria.

Turkish EU Minister & Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis held separate talks with Ambassador Arlette Conzemius of Luxembourg and Ambassador Jorge Cabral of Portugal at the EU ministry headquarters in Ankara on Monday. Prior to the gatherings, Bagis responded to questions of reporters on latest developments. 
Upon a question on the Syrian conflict, Bagis said Turkey had been underscoring for months that leaders who persecuted their own people should not and could not maintain their positions. 
He said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would not have been in such a condition now if he had taken into consideration Turkey's suggestions.
"He would have saved tens of thousands of lives and his closest co-workers would not have faced such a violence. We still hope the bloodshed would stop and no more lives would be sacrificed in Syria. We hope peace and brotherhood can be established in this country as soon as possible," he said.
Commenting also on the ongoing violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar's Arakan state, Bagis noted that Turkey closely monitored the latest incidents and the Turkish ministry of foreign affairs conducted talks on the matter. 
"We are ready to do all our best and use all our means to stop the violence there," he said. 

-Meetings with ambassadors

Before his meeting with Ambassador Conzemius, Bagis said Luxembourg was one of the leading supporters of Turkey's EU membership bid.
He said the country had not had an embassy in Turkey until last year, however, thanks to the strong friendship ties between the two countries, an embassy had been opened recently and an ambassador had been appointed for the first time.
Conzemius said in her part that opening of an embassy in Turkey had been helpful to improve further the good relations between Turkey and Luxembourg.
Prior to his talks with Portuguese Ambassador Cabral, Bagis noted that Turkey expected Portugal to keep extending support for its EU adhesion process in the upcoming term.
Meanwhile, Cabral said that he believed there would be cooperation opportunities in many areas during his term of office in Turkey.