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Deputy PM: Turkey does not have a mission to change the regime in Syria

03 July 2012 10:58 (Last updated 03 July 2012 11:03)

Arinc said, it was Syria's domestic affairs to decide when public's will would come in power.


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that Turkey did not have a mission to destroy or change the regime in Syria. 

It was Syria's domestic affairs to decide when public's will would come in power, added Arinc who spoke at a meeting held by Justice and Development (AK) Party on Monday. 
Replying to "when will the public's will come into power?", Turkish Premier pointed the upsetting events happening in Syria and said that Turkey was careful at this point.
Arinc stressed that when the public's will would come into power was Syria's domestic affair and issue. 
Noting that the violence was continuing and people were dying in Syria, Arinc said that Turkey was the only country which spoke out against the violence and brought out the abuse of human rights to the rest of the world. 
Unfortunately, Syria takes the support of some neighbouring countries, as well as China and Russia at UN Security Council, he added. 
Arinc mentioned that the number of Syrian citizens who came to camps in Turkey was almost 40,000 and help for these people were continuing. 
Arinc also pointed the issue of a Turkish military plane which was downed by Syria and said, " Syria behaved assailant. Data and radar figures show us that Turkish jet was downed in the international airspace. Syrians have not given out anything on the contrary. We have given all the data and documents to UN and the NATO."
Turkish deputy premier said that Turkey would and was imposing sanctions against Syria, and stated, "We cut all our engagements withSyria. Syrian citizens, who came to Turkey, are being abused, bombed and hit by Syria. We have not responded to these behaviours so far. Turkey only warned, not hit, even when Syrian helicopters entered our airspace for several times."