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Death toll over 15,000 in Syria so far

24 May 2012 15:31

Death toll climbed over 15,000 in military operations staged against opponents in Syria for 434 days.


According to opposition sources, 15,000 people had been killed by the Bashar al-Assad administration in Syria since opposition protests began 434 days ago.
1,066 of the 15,000 people killed were children.
Moreover, 13,819 of people killed in demonstrations, under detention or clashes, were civilians and 1,240 of them were former soldiers. 14,052 of them were men and 1,007 of them were women.
According to statistics, 1,075 of 15,000 people were killed by fire opened by security forces during protests, 1,281 of them were killed by snipers, and 600 of them were killed by torture.
Civilian protests began in Syria on March 15, 2011.
UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan presented a peace plan in March. The six-point peace plan includes demands for a ceasefire, the immediate withdrawal of heavy armor from residential areas and access for humanitarian aid.     
The plan was presented to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on March 10 and accepted by him on March 27.     
The ceasefire came into effect on April 12, but although the overall level of violence has dropped since then, al-Assad's government has been accused of failing to abide by key terms of the truce plan, including pulling all forces from urban areas and allowing peaceful demonstrations.