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Region around us becomes a global centre

19 November 2012 15:00 (Last updated 19 November 2012 16:51)

Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the geography of Eurasia which has the cultures of both East and West is becoming a more central location in the globalising world.


Turkish Premier Erdogan delivered a speech at the opening of the Eurasia Islam Council meeting organized by the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs in Istanbul on Monday and said, "Beyond of being the people of the same region, at the same time we share a common history and religious beliefs. In the scope of finding solutions to ruptures and conflicts, there needs to be a basement of understanding and cooperation."

Erdogan said at the meeting that 17 years ago when the Eurasia Islam Council convened for the first time, people of the Eurasia geography were just recovering from the dominance of oppressive regimes. He added that the system which restrained them from having the freedom of religion and liberty of conscience for years has ended.

Turkish premier underlined that because of the intimidation and suppression politics, there are serious problems in the religious services and religious education.

Erdogan said that with the attendance of Islamic clerics and philosophers, he hopes, this year's meeting will host illuminating discussions and find solutions to the region's problems. 

Erdogan stated that there is a changing period of politics, economics and social fields.


Assad regime applies a denominational character to this fight

 Erdogan has said, "We have to love each other for Allah, not for sect. We have to achieve this. We can see that this still creates a dangerous atmosphere in Syria. In order to legitimize this bloody ferocity towards Syrian people who fight for their honour, Assad regime applies a denominational character to this fight."

Speaking at the inauguration of the Eighth Eurasia Islam Council meeting on Monday in Istanbul, Erdogan stated they believe that racism is extremely dangerous and they fight against it seriously.

Erdogan said that they find any attack on human beings inhuman with no regard to ethnic background, religion and belief and they fight against it. Erdogan has said, "Same efforts have to be given against Islamophobia too. Islamophobia has to be accepted as a crime against humanity all around the world and precautions has to be taken against it. So, we all have to work in cooperation for this."

Erdogan added that, a dangerous game which can turn the whole region into a fire ground is being played in Syria and said, "However, what is happening in Syria today is not the clashes of sects, it's the destructive and heartbreaking story of Baas regime's oppression who tries to hold the power on its hands against its own people."

Erdogan gave an example of Eurasia and said that people lived in the Eurasia region from different religion and sects in mutual respect and solidarity.

Why do Western powers not say anything to Israel?

 Erdogan has referred to the attack of Israel on Gaza and called it "war" and said, "Where are the dominant powers? Where are the Western powers? None of them say "what are you doing?" It's because that is Israel."

Speaking at the inauguration of the Eighth Eurasia Islam Council meeting on Monday in Istanbul, Erdogan stated that certain forces work in order to deepen the current issues or to plant seeds for a clash in Sudan, Myanmar, Palestine and Bosnia Herzegovina and in many other places. 

Erdogan said that the latest example of that was Israel's attack on Gaza.

"So the issue between Israel and Palestine has been up on media constantly. I do not call it a "conflict" anymore. Have a look at it, what the "war" has became in its fourth, fifth day. So the latest situation in Gaza as of this morning was 17 more people were killed and the number reached 94. There are more than 700 injured. Where are the dominant powers? Where are the Western powers? None of them say "what are you doing?" It's because that is Israel," said Erdogan.

Erdogan mentioned the roles of international organizations and said, "We expect from international organizations, from UN, from UN Security Council, from EU's all establishments that they have to react against this global inequity."

Furthermore, Erdogan has said, "These establishments have to condemn any kind of attacks against humans and have to fight to stop it. But more importantly, we have to take an action first. We all have to do it."