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AA liaises with European news networks

10 April 2014 11:43

Madrid meeting hears of Turkish agency's plans to expand global coverage.



Anadolu Agency has presented its Finance News Terminal, social media strategy and overall global vision to European news providers at a meeting in Madrid.

AA's Deputy General Manager Cagatay Culcuoglumet members of the European Alliance of News Agencies and Mobile Information and News Data Services on Wednesday.

Culcuoglu attended MINDS and EANA’s annual meeting in Madrid and presented AA’s global vision to the board. As part of its 'Centennial Vision', AA has decided to divide its global network into five main regions including Europe, the Americas, Middle East-Africa, Asia-Caucasia, and Asia-Pacific.

Culcuoglu said social media was used effectively by AA, which campaigned to stop the Syrian civil war during its third anniversary by creating the "#SyriaWarCrime" hash tag on Twitter.  

The AA figure also promoted AA's Finance News Terminal saying: “AA Finance News Terminal offers important content for especially intermediary firms, portfolio companies, banks, corporations, media groups and public institutions”.

During his visit he also met with Joanna Geary, news partnership manager at Twitter UK, Jose Antonio Vera, the director of the Spanish international news agency EFE and Montserrat Dominguez, the editor of El Huffington Post.

AA currently provides wire services in seven languages - Turkish, Arabic, English, Bosnian, Russian, Kurdish and French - and aims to increase this number to eleven by 2020, when it will celebrate its hundredth anniversary.