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Opposition Groups reach consensus on overthrowing Assad regime

03 July 2012 22:09 (Last updated 03 July 2012 22:35)

Conference of Syrian Opposition Groups in Cairo reached a consensus on overthrowing the Assad regime and trying in court certain symbol names.


Various participants told the Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent that a consensus was reached in overthrowing the Assad regime but there were some disagreements on who would be in a transitional government.

Sources said that talks would continue to reach a consensus on the transitional period.
Secretary General of the Movement of Free Syrian People, Khalid Nasir, said that the Syrian opposition groups agreed on supporting the Free Syrian Army.
On the other hand, a decision was taken in Cairo to establish a national unity government that would include all opposition groups in Syria.
In a press conference held in Cairo, the Chairman of the Syrian National Council Abdulbasit Seyda said that the participants of the Cairo conference agreed on establishing a national unity government.
In a final declaration, the participants of the conference described the mechanisms for a post-Assad transitional process, Seyda noted.
As the Syrian National Council, we will not sign any document unless the Free Syrian Army is clearly supported. There is a need to prepare a national document in which the expectations of all opposition groups are met, Seyda also said.