Turkcell Athletics Championships

Turkcell Athletics Championships

BURSA, TURKEY - JUNE 06: A drone photo shows athletes competing during the final day of Turkcell Senior and U23 Athletics Championships at Bursa Governorship Olympic Athletics Stadium in Bursa, Turkey on June 06, 2021. ( Ali Atmaca - Anadolu Agency )

Thunderstorm over the Freedom Tower in NYC
Fotoğraf: Tayfun Coşkun

NEW YORK, USA - JUNE 04: Thunderstorm is captured over the Freedom Tower in New York City, United States on June 4, 2021. ( Tayfun Coşkun - Anadolu Agency )

Solar eclipse in New York
Fotoğraf: Islam Doğru

NEW YORK, USA - JUNE 10: Solar eclipse is seen during early hours of morning in New York, United States on June 10, 2021. ( Islam Doğru - Anadolu Agency )

Baby baboon named "Nisan" in Turkey's Mersin
Fotoğraf: Serkan Avci

MERSIN, TURKEY - MAY 30: Baby baboon named "Nisan", who was born last month and taken under protection as it was not wanted by its mother, is seen with a veterinary at Tarsus Nature Park in Mersin, Turkey on May 30, 2021. A special living space has been created for the baboon and it is fed with bottle. ( Serkan Avci - Anadolu Agency )

Migratory birds flock elsewhere due to drought in Akgol Lake
Fotoğraf: Özkan Bilgin

VAN, TURKEY - JUNE 7: A view of Akgol Lake, in Ozalp district of Van province of Turkey on June 7, 2021. Due to the drying up of the "bird paradise", Akgol, which covers an area of 407 hectares in Ozalp district of Van, the bird species living in the region had to migrate to alternate lakes. Akgol which is fed by rain and snow waters was adversely affected by the drought that was effective this year. With the start of the migration season, the lake, which hosts thousands of birds of tens of species every year, has dried up due to global warming, lack of precipitation and rapid evaporation. ( Özkan Bilgin - Anadolu Agency )

Fatma Karakeci, mother of 3 plays tennis with her local clothes in Turkey's Sanliurfa
Fotoğraf: Eşber Ayaydın

SANLIURFA, TURKEY - JUNE 7: Fatma Karakeci (R) and her daughter Busra (L) pose for a photo after playing tennis at tennis court at Saribal village in Sanliurfa, Turkey on June 7, 2021. Fatma Karakeci, mother of three kids started playing tennis with the insistence of her Daugther Busra. Women with their local clothes started to show interest in playing tennis after tennis court built with the order of Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu. ( Eşber Ayaydın - Anadolu Agency )

Anti-govt protest in Lebanon
Fotoğraf: Houssam Shbaro

BEIRUT, LEBANON - JUNE 06: Some anti-government protesters harm the surrounding buildings during a protest against the power cuts, the high cost of living, and the low purchasing power of the Lebanese currency, outside of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) building in Beirut, Lebanon, on June 06, 2021. ( Houssam Shbaro - Anadolu Agency )

"Mucilage" in Marmara Sea
Fotoğraf: Yunus Emre Günaydın

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - JUNE 07: A drone photo shows an aerial view of mucilage, also known as sea snot, covering the surface of sea shores including Kadikoy, Kurbagalidere, Caddebostan shore, Bostanci shore at Anatolian side in Istanbul, Turkey on June 07, 2021. ( Yunus Emre Günaydın - Anadolu Agency )

Butterflies in Turkey's Kars
Fotoğraf: Hüseyin Demirci

KARS, TURKEY - JUNE 06: Butterflies sit on a stalk of grass in Sarikamis district of Kars, Turkey on June 06, 2021. ( Hüseyin Demirci - Anadolu Agency )

Crescent moon appears over Istanbul
Fotoğraf: İsa Terli

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - JUNE 06: Crescent moon appears over Camlica Mosque and Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey on June 06, 2021. ( İsa Terli - Anadolu Agency )

Palestinian children fly kites to escape the psychological effects of Israeli attacks
Fotoğraf: Mustafa Hassona

GAZA CITY, GAZA - JUNE 05: Palestinian children fly kites on the coastline to contend with the negative psychological effects of the 11-day Israeli attacks by the organization of Palestine Women's Development Research Association in Gaza City, Gaza on June 05, 2021. ( Mustafa Hassona - Anadolu Agency )

Sunrise in New Jersey
Fotoğraf: Islam Doğru

NEW JERSEY, USA - JUNE 05: A deer is seen at the Overpeck County Park during sunrise in Leonia district of New Jersey, United States on June 05, 2021. ( Islam Doğru - Anadolu Agency )

Formula 1 DHL Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021 qualification lap
Fotoğraf: Resul Rehimov

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN - JUNE 05: A pilot competes in the qualification lap of 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku, Azerbaijan on June 05, 2021. Ferrari team's Charles Leclerc takes 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix pole position. ( Resul Rehimov - Anadolu Agency )

Daily life in Idlib's camps
Fotoğraf: Muhammed Said

IDLIB, SYRIA - MAY 29: Syrian children play in the back of a truck turned into a pool to try to cool off due to hot weather at Hayrulsam Camp in Idlib, Syria on May 29, 2021. ( Muhammed Said - Anadolu Agency )

Sea Wolf 2021 drill
Fotoğraf: Arif Akdoğan

AT SEA - JUNE 04: Navy ships of Turkish Naval Forces Command take part in Sea Wolf 2021 drill in the Eastern Mediterranean on June 04, 2021. ( Arif Akdoğan - Anadolu Agency )

Tahtali Run to Sky race in Antalya
Fotoğraf: Mustafa Çiftçi

ANTALYA, TURKEY - JUNE 05: Athletes arrive at Mount Chimaera as they take part in Tahtali Run to Sky race in Antalya, Turkey on June 5, 2021. 400 athletes from 12 countries compete in the race. ( Mustafa Çiftçi - Anadolu Agency )

Flooded street during heavy rains.
Fotoğraf: Imtiyaz Shaikh

BOMBAY, INDIA - 9 DE JUNIO: Varias personas sufren los estragos durante las fuertes lluvias que azotan a la ciudad de Bombay, India, el 9 de junio de 2021. ( Imtiyaz Shaikh - AA )

UN court upholds life sentence for Ratko Mladic over Bosnian genocide, war crimes
Fotoğraf: Samır Jordamovıc

SARAJEVO, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - JUNE 08: A view from the Vijecnica Library where the trial is being watched as a live broadcast by relatives of victims after UN court in The Hague upheld a 2017 life sentence for former Serb commander Ratko Mladic, also known as the "Butcher of Bosnia", for his role in the genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at Vijecnica Library in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 08, 2021. ( Samır Jordamovıc - Anadolu Agency )

Anatololacerta oertzenis in Turkey's Antalya
Fotoğraf: Mustafa Çiftçi

ANTALYA, TURKEY - JUNE 7: The rock lizards, Anatololacerta oertzenis are pictured on Tahtalı Mountain in Kemer district of Antalya, Turkey on June 7, 2021. They are known from south of the Buyuk Menderes River to Antalya, and from Antalya to the east along the coast to Anamur. Total length of the lizards reaches up to 24 cm. ( Mustafa Çiftçi - Anadolu Agency )

EURO 2020 Italy Turkey Fans in Rome
Fotoğraf: Riccardo De Luca

ROMA, ITALIA - JUNIO 11: Los fanáticos de la selección turca dan la bienvenida al autobús de su equipo tras su llegada al estadio olímpico, para el partido inaugural del torneo de fútbol EURO 2020 entre Italia y Turquía en Roma, Italia, el 11 de junio de 2021. ( Riccardo De Luca - AA )


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