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Beautiful Betta fish varieties
CHICAGO, USA - MAY 23: Siamese Fighting Fish also known as Betta splendens are seen in an aquarium in Chicago, United States on May 23, 2018. Betta splendens are found in wide rice paddies in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Now,the most common species in the world-wide aquarium trade, these fish have been introduced to all over the world and populations are thought to be established in many of these places. A Siamese fighting fish in the colors of the Thai flag has broken the record of the most expensive fighter fish ever sold after it was bought for a record-breaking amount (£1,200) at an online auction in Bangkok. ( Bilgin S. Şaşmaz - Anadolu Agency )
23.05.2018 Bilgin S. Şaşmaz
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