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Al-Assad army destroyed many neighborhoods of Damascus

24 July 2012 16:37 (Last updated 24 July 2012 16:39)

SRGC media head: al-Assad army destroyed many neighborhoods of Damascus

Speaking to AA on Tuesday, Ubeida said that tens of houses were destroyed and burnt down due to artillery fire during military operations in several neighborhoods of Damascus, adding that also vehicles of civilians were crashed by tanks or armored vehicles.

People in these neighborhoods escaped to city center or safety zones, while some of them escaped to foreign countries, he added.
Noting that Syrian administration tried to discipline the people by using guns but it failed, Ubeida said that peaceful demonstrations took place in the whole world, and none of the administrations, except al-Assad, used so many weapons.
Ubeida said that the army targeted mosques to prevent people from gathering during holy Ramadan month.
There is a deep silence and fear in Damascus due to operations, and business places and shops were shut down, and people have difficulty in finding even bread, he added.