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Turkey supports legitimate administration backed by Syrians

19 July 2012 18:54 (Last updated 19 July 2012 19:00)

Turkish FM Davutoglu said that the right thing to do in Syria was to set up a legitimate and peaceful administration.


Speaking to reporters Davutoglu said that the meetings of him and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Russia yesterday were very fruitful, adding that they discussed regional and international issues.
Although we sometimes have difference of opinions, we are in a close and friendly communication with Russia, said Davutoglu, adding that the two countries displayed an open-minded attitude regrading Syria issue during yesterday's meetings.
Regarding decisions in Geneva agreement, Davutoglu said that the main element in the agreement was to set up a transition government in Syria immediately and give all the authority to this government.
If current administration had been based on a strong legitimacy, we would not have met in Geneva and decided setting up a transition government in Syria, said Davutoglu, adding that it was important to take Geneva agreement into action as soon as possible under a UN Security Council resolution.
We think the right thing to do in Syria is to set up a legitimate and peaceful administration which has the will and support of Syrian people. Russia has such a perspective too, added Davutoglu.

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