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First time election excitement in container city

10 January 2013 10:43 (Last updated 10 January 2013 10:44)

Residents of container city in Kilis will choose their village chief on January 17


14 thousand Syrians will live the excitement of their first democratic election away from their homes by electing village chiefs in the container city in Kilis.

17 candidates of which 3 are women will compete in the elections for the positions of 6 village chiefs on January 17. 
A president, a person responsible of the electoral roll, translator, police officer and a ballot box representative selected by the village chief candidates will be present during the voting process.
The candidates can make their propaganda during the term of the campaign in the areas reserved.
El-Haci, a Syrian residing in the tent city, thanked the authorities who provided them with the right to vote and said, "We will conduct a free election here for the first time. We haven't seen a democratic election in Syria."

Reporting by Kemal Karagoz/Ahmet Ekinci