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Free Syrian Army uses hand-made grenades

10 August 2012 12:18 (Last updated 10 August 2012 12:25)

FSA soldiers keep fighting despite having financial shortage.


Soldiers of Free Syrian Army (FSA), who are fighting against al-Assad regime, are using hand-made grenades.
AA correspondents, who entered FSA headquarters, displayed the hand-made grenades the soldiers are using during their fight.
Sultan Abdulhamit brigade's commander Muhammed Sulayman told AA on Friday that they were using hand-made grenades which each cost two USD instead of industrial type hand grenades which cost 150 USD.
Sulayman said that despite having financial shortage, FSA soldiers gained big victories.
We manufacture anti-tank mines each of which cost ten USD, said Sulayman, adding that one of those mines cost 1,000 USD if they wanted to buy them.