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We have been saddened over a Turkish citizen's abduction

17 August 2012 15:52

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that they were saddened over a Turkish citizen's abduction in Lebanon.


Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Friday said that they were saddened over a Turkish citizen's abduction in Lebanon.
Speaking to reporters in Istanbul on Friday, President Gul stressed that the Turkish citizen abducted in Lebanon was a representative of a Turkish company contributing immensely to the richness and economic development of Lebanon.
Lebanese officials are doing all they can so that our citizen abducted in Lebanon gets released, Gul also said.
A Turkish citizen, Aydin Tufan Tekin, who was abducted in Lebanon on Wednesday has asked the Anadolu Agency (AA) to inform his family that he was in good health.
Speaking to AA correspondents on Thursday, Tekin said that Lebanese Miqdad tribe were taking good care of him.
Stating that he was abducted by Miqdad tribe members as soon as he was out of the airport in Beirut on Wednesday, Tekin said that he was kidnapped in retaliation to Hassan Miqdad's abduction by Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Syria. 
Tekin stated that he was hopeful that he would be released if Hassan Miqdad was freed. 
Stating the problem could be solved in a peaceful way, Tekin demanded Turkish authorities to make a contact with Free Syrian Army over release of Hassan Miqdad.
"Best way to solve the problem is a good contact with the authorities in a diplomatic way. I have been seeking assistance of the Turkish government," said Tekin.
Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that intense efforts were underway for Tekin's safe release.
Lebanese Miqdad tribe had said it kidnapped more than 20 people including Syrian opposition members and fighters with the Free Syrian Army in retaliation to the arrest of one of their tribesmen by the FSA inside Syria.