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Turkish aid reaches out to Arakan

10 August 2012 15:02 (Last updated 10 August 2012 15:06)

Turkish Red Crescent informed Turkish FM Davutoglu and Mrs. Erdogan about the camp during their visit.


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's spouse Emine Erdogan visited the Rohingya Muslims who stay in Banduba camp. Apart from United Nations, this is the first time that a foreign country's aid have been distributed to those in need.
Turkish aid organization Turk Kizilayi (Red Crescent) informed Turkish FM Davutoglu and Mrs. Erdogan about the camp during their visit.
Turkish Red Crescent members stated that there are 8,532 people sheltering in the camp and their camp contains 801 tents. There are 10 families in each 40 living units andTurkish Red Crescent delivers kitchen sets and food boxes.
When Emine Erdogan asked what refugees biggest problem was, Turkish Red Crescent officials said that Muslims in the camp struggle with the accommodation and they can't find nutrition.
Later on, Minister Davutoglu and Mrs. Erdogan headed to the Buddhist camp and distributed the rest of the humanitarian aid over there. 
Also finding out about the problems of Buddhists too, Davutoglu stated all the people have equal rights and he would like to see Muslims and Buddhists living together in peace.
Davutoglu stated that they brought the respect of Turkish people to the people of Myanmar and to the Arakan region and stressed that Turkish Red Crescent came to help everybody and will continue their contribution to the community.
According to the official data, population of Myanmar is 55 million and 90 percent of it is formed by Buddhists and 10 percent of it is formed by Muslims.
Number of Rohingya Muslims differs from 800 thousand to 2 million in the Arakan region in the West of Myanmar, close to the Bangladesh border. 

Reporting by Murat Unlu