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2,500 Turkmens were martyred in clashes in Syria

10 August 2012 12:27 (Last updated 10 August 2012 12:38)

Turkmen representative said Turkish people should help Turkmens.


Fayat Sulayman, political representative of Aleppo Turkmens, has said that so far 2,500 Turkmens had been martyred in the clashes in Syria.
Sulayman told AA on Friday that Turkmens in Syria only wanted freedom and democracy, adding that al-Assad regime should be destroyed to reach their goal.
Noting that al-Assad regime was killing anybody, Sulayman said that al-Assad regime was the real terrorist.
Sulayman said that Turkmens were carrying out this war under big financial problems, adding that Turkish people should help Turkmens, and he expressed belief that Turkish people would support Turkmens.
He said that Turkmens were exerting great efforts in order to destroy al-Assad regime.