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Turkey-Egypt relations growing in a positive way

08 August 2012 17:04 (Last updated 08 August 2012 17:08)

Egyptian Ambassador in Ankara spoke to AA.


The senior Egyptian diplomat in Turkey has said that the administrators in Arab countries would have more responsibility for their people in consequence of Arab Spring.
Egyptian Ambassador in Ankara, AbdurrahmanSelahaddin told Anadolu Agency (AA) on Wednesday that the period of revolution in Arab countries shows a change from country to country. 
Stating that the revolution in Tunisia was not as same as in Egypt, Selahaddin said that almost 800 people were killed during the uprising in his country.
"The army's intervention was not to restrain people's movement, it was to make people's demands by democratic ways in peace. Having an attitude against former regime by the army was influential for toppling the administration in Egypt. Within this period, democratic ways were applied in Egypt," said Selahaddin.
Noting that there was a transparency around the presidential election, Selahaddin stated that Mohammed Moursi was the President of 85 million Egyptians.
Ambassador Selahaddin expressed that despite difficulties during the revolution process in the country, Turkey-Egypt relations had been growing in a positive way. 
Mentioning that Turkish President Abdullah Gul was the first president who visited Egypt after the revolution, "Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also paid a visit to Egypt. Trade volume considerably increased with 30 percent from 3.4 billion USD to 5 billion USD. We are expecting that number to reach 10 billion USD in three years time. Several Turkish businessmen have been making investments in Egypt," the ambassador said.
Abdurrahman Selahaddin also commented on Palestine issue. 
Expressing that Palestine issue was a redline for Egypt, "a Palestinian state with a capital of Jerusalem is our must," said Selahaddin.
"I do want to say that we will reprisal these attacks no matter where it comes," the ambassador said over commenting the latest attack in Sinai that left 16 people dead at the weekend.
Abdurrahman Selahaddin also congratulated AA for broadcasting in Arabic language. 
"AA's Arabic edition made us glad. I hope that AA's new broadcasting will help Turkish and Egyptian peoples understand each other well," said Selahaddin.