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UN SG expresses concern over Egypt crisis

05 July 2013 10:33 (Last updated 05 July 2013 10:35)

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon held a phone conversation with Egypt's Foreign Minister Amr.


United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon discussed Egypt crisis with Egypt's Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr over the phone on Thursday.

Ban said he followed the latest developments in Egypt closely and was concerned over 'the army's intervention in the civil government and the suspension of the constitution.'

Ban said it was of crucial importance to protect fundamental rights and freedoms in Egypt and urged to put an end to sexual assault particularly to women immediately. 

Ban called for forming a civil government and a roadmap for the elections. 

Amr also held a phone conversation with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday and said Morsi's forced departure was not a military coup.

"I hope that they read the situation in the right way, that this is not a military coup in any way," said Amr. " The army is responsible for the security of the county and its people. The roadmap of the Egyptian army was determined by all the political blocs." 

 Amr had resigned on June 1 after the nation-wide protests against the ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. But Prime Minister Hisham Qandil did not accept his resignation. Amr decided to continue to carry out his duties following the military intervention. 

 The head of the constitutional court was sworn in as interim president on Thursday.