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Egypt: Trilateral commission's report on Nile Dam inadequate

03 June 2013 11:54 (Last updated 03 June 2013 11:55)

Cairo protested Ethiopia's Nahda Dam construction


Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on Sunday proved insufficient the report of the trilateral commission assessing the effects of the Nahda Dam planned to be built by Ethiopia on Nile River.

Following the publication of the Nahda Dam trilateral report of the trilateral commission assessing the Nahda Dam, Egyptian President Morsi held a meeting with the Egyptian team participating in the trilateral international committee.

The Egyptian Presidency issued a written statement, regarding the report on Nahda Dam, that "The report presented to the commission by Ethiopia lacks sufficient data and statement on the positive and negative effects of the dam. A more comprehensive analysis should be conducted for such a large project." 

The trilateral commission, comprised of Ethiopian, Egyptian and Sudanese officials, stated that the related countries sharing the Nile basin, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Brundi, Tanzania, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo, are expected to comment on the report.

Besides, demonstrations hit the Egyptian capital Cairo on Sunday to protest Ethiopia's Nahda Dam construction.

Gathering before the Ethiopian Embassy in Cairo, the protestors bore banners saying "Egypt not wants the catastrophic Nahda Dam", "Dam is a threat to Egyptian security."

Suspended by Ethiopia among protests, the construction of the Nahda Dam is controversial as it may divert the course of the Blue Nile, one of two major tributaries of the Nile River, the longest river in the world with its basin covering the 10 percent of the African continent.

Egypt and Sudan shared the Nile waters back in 1959 signing the "Agreement on Full Utilization of Nile Waters."