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Police entered Taksim to normalize life, says Guler

11 June 2013 16:36 (Last updated 11 June 2013 16:37)

Turkish Interior Minister Guler said police entered Taksim Square to turn life into normal and investigations continued about undercover policemen among demonstrators

Turkish Minister of Interior Muammer Guler on Tuesday said police entered Taksim Square to turn life into normal and investigations continued in relation to the claim that undercover policemen were among demonstrators. 

Guler answered the questions of the journalists at the Parliament House in Ankara.

Stating that the majority of the protests were more than just mere demanding for rights, Guler said, "We tried tolerating these from the beginning and limited the tolerance to Gezi Park. However, Ataturk Cultural Center was occupied and banners and photos of illegal organizations were hung over it which resulted in a different perception by the community."

Guler emphasized there were over 20 barriers leading to Taksim and the general order of the society as well as the traffic were hindered due to the protests adding that tourism was adversely affected with 20 thousand of the 30 thousand beds in hotels being empty. 

"The intervention took place to normalize life at Taksim Square. There was intervention at Gezi Park. You all saw it. The public witnessed the attitude of the police and the response of marginal groups. These are not kinds of attitude we can accept. They are not supported by public or Gezi Park. Their efforts to clash with the police and citizens also went down the drain. Thanks to all those who showed support for their sensitivity."

Guler also responded to claims of undercover police with guns being present among demonstrators and said, "We are investigating these claims. Don't you see those throwing petrol bombs, burning tires and throwing steel balls? There will of course be undercover and other police forces. Everyone is doing their job."

Guler added 25 were detained for using petrol bombs during demonstrations in Istanbul and two were arrested in country-wide protests. 

Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu also released a statement via his Twitter account in regards to removal of banners at Ataturk Cultural Center in Taksim. 

"Our people showed great support for the removal of banners at Ataturk Cultural Center and Ataturk Monument. Thank you all," Mutlu said.

"However marginal groups resume their call of protest. We will be cautious and remain still against these groups," he added.