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Centennial Vision


Anadolu Agency asked the question: Can we broadcast Turkey’s views to the whole world? Do we have an influence on the global agenda? The answer was no. We are obliged to be 'the powerful news agency of the powerful Turkey'. We have to become a globally influential institution. Our decision has led us to the Anadolu Agency's 100th Year Project.

Anadolu Agency has completed its restructuring process with a new institutional identity, according to the motto 'reliable, impartial, ethical, fast' journalism in line with the recent developments in the media industry. AA has set its most important goal in the Centennial Vision as becoming one of the "five most influential news agencies of the world" by 2020.

AA: Trusted News Source

More than 1,200 subscribers from all media such as newspapers, television networks, Internet portals as well as governmental institutions, banks and leading companies from private sector follow Anadolu Agency as being the most reliable source of news. The agency offers its subscribers 1484 routine news and around 100 exclusive reports daily as well as more than 1865 photographs and 238 videos.

Our Strength in Photography

The Agency’s photographical library stores 1.8 million digital documents as well as 2.6 million negatives. All the negatives were converted into digital images recently. AA’s Anadolu Images offers a large photographical library with 4.4 million online photos dating from the beginning of the 20th century. The database is updated daily with more than a thousand photos. Agreements with AFP Image Forum, DPA Picture Alliance, Contacto, Scanpix and Getty Images have provided AA with a broad global network to promote its high quality photo content, giving it access to such massive markets as North America, the UK, Japan, Australia and India.

News in 11 Languages

Anadolu Agency has 18 regional and 57 global offices and is planning to increase the number of its global offices to 80 by 2020. The agency is broadcasting in Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, BSC (Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian) and Kurdish. French service started test broadcasting on 3rd February and the agency will launch French language on 6th April 2014 and Albanian language later this year.  As being a part of its centennial vision,

Anadolu Agency plans to broadcast in 11 languages by 2020.

Anadolu Agency inaugurated its Balkans Regional Directorate in Sarajevo in 2012, broadcasting in Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian. Brussels and New York offices launched in 2013. Broadcasting in Russian began in the Caucasus regional office in Baku, Azerbaijan, whereas broadcasting in Arabic have its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.

International Cooperation

Anadolu Agency actively cooperates with and receives news items from international news agencies such as the AFP (France), DPA (Germany), ITAR-TASS (Russia), KYODO (Japan) as well as with more than 60 news agencies from around the world. These news items are offered to the media in Turkey and AA reports developments in Turkey to the news agencies it cooperates with.

Anadolu Agency held the rotating presidency of the Organization of Asia-Pacific News Agencies between 2010-2013. AA is also among the founding members of the European Alliance of News Agencies, Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies, Alliance of News Agencies of the Turkic Speaking Countries and the Association of the Balkan News Agencies-Southeast Europe. 

AA Difference in New Media

The aa.com.tr website, with its new design, broadcasts in seven languages. iPhone, iPad, tablet and Android applications are the reflections of "new media" concept. The Agency also broadcasts through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, YouTube, Vimeo. In order to catch up with the new technological developments, all AA staff are equipped with up-to-date high technology devices.

Editor’s Desk

A meeting to discuss the agenda takes place every morning at the Editor’s Desk at the headquarters in Ankara and regional directors and representatives of AA’s foreign offices join the meeting via video conference where managers of all news departments are present. The agenda is assessed and discussions are carried out regarding the news to be presented to the members at Editor’s Desk. From time to time the Editor’s Desk hosts ministers and foreign politicians. The editors address questions to the guests and receive their opinion regarding the agenda.

Power of AA’s Videos

Video News Package includes 238 daily video news from all titles making up AA news stories that are serviced completely ready in HD format and in a broadcasting quality by the national and international offices of the AA.

Anadolu Agency uses the latest technology to serve 16:9 HD-SD quality videos from all areas of life such as politics, security, economy, foreign news, culture, art and sport to its subscribers.

AA services 238 digitally edited videos recorded by correspondents in domestic and foreign offices to subscribers via satellite connection, by fastest means.

Anadolu Agency also offers instant display of a live broadcast to subscribers both domestically and abroad.

Graphics Service

AA, providing written, photo and video news service, meets the graphics needs of its subscribers by providing info graphics from Turkey’s and the world’s agenda to meet the subscribers’ graphic- supported news need. Five pieces of info graphics are delivered to subscribers every day.