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The Anadolu Agency's Centennial Vision


The Anadolu Agency, which has been working to number among the most prestigious global news agencies, revealed its centennial targets to public opinion. 

For the centennial vision, strategic plans were prepared with the advice of consultancy services from universities. AA's organization chart, job definitions, logo, corporate identity and website were created anew with an understanding of "reliable, impartial, ethical and fast" journalism. 

The main target in the agency's centennial vision is defined as becoming one of the "five most important news agencies in the world" by the year of 2020, the 92th anniversary of its foundation. 

The agency currently broadcasts in Turkish, English, Arabic, French, Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian, Russian, Kurdish, and Albanian. Its continuing efforts to become one of the first five agencies, broadcasting in 11 languages, continue. The agency also aims to be "The Strong News Agency of a Strong Turkey".